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New Russian pickups with diesel engines can already be purchased from Sollers dealers

New Russian pickups with diesel engines can already be purchased from Sollers dealers
The Sollers company announced the start of sales of its new pickup trucks. We are talking about Sollers ST6 cars with diesel engines. Before this, cars were equipped only with gasoline power units.

Now pickup trucks have become full-fledged universal vehicles. Thanks to the economical and high-torque turbodiesel, the car is more suitable for work. The price of the heavy fuel model is pleasing - from 2,5 million. Cars are available at brand dealers.

Despite the fact that pickup trucks are not in great demand here, the ST6 model from Sollers is the embodiment of versatility. Not for everyone, of course - transporting long cargo with a two-row cab, and there are no other body versions, can become a problem. But if you need a car to transport building materials, this is an ideal option.

Новые российские пикапы с дизельными моторами уже можно купить у дилеров SollersThe model is also suitable as a family car. Photo: Youtube.com

By the way, Sollers ST6 is still only assembled from Russia. This is an analogue of the Chinese model from JAC. But they promise localization in the future.

The Sollers ST6 looks stylish enough to not be embarrassed about using it for city trips. This is a typical American-style pickup truck - brutal, tall and beautiful.

The frame design and 4x4 drive will allow you to feel confident behind the wheel in any weather. This is a full-fledged SUV with a reduction gear. The model has a standard differential lock, even in the basic configuration.

A ground clearance of 19,7 cm allows you to safely drive off the road, regardless of the load. It doesn’t matter whether there is a road or not, the pickup will confidently move towards the goal. However, it’s still not worth going into the mud on purpose - this is not an all-terrain vehicle, but a universal vehicle, more of a work vehicle.

Under the hood of the diesel Sollers ST6 is a 2,0-liter engine. Its power is only 136 hp. s., so the car is unlikely to impress with its dynamics and maximum speed. But the engine is economical - this is exactly what such a car needs. Of course, provided that it is purchased for work.

Otherwise, it is better to find something from the USA, with a gasoline V8. But there you need to be prepared to consume 20-30 liters of fuel.

Not to say that the second row is spacious, but this is a frame pickup truck. Photo: Youtube.com

Paired with the Sollers ST6 diesel power unit is a six-speed manual transmission. There will be no automatic versions.

The cargo platform received special loops for securing luggage and a scratch-resistant coating. The suspension can support up to 900 kg.

Let us remind you that the production of Sollers pickups started in September.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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