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Gaz'Aile 2 – diesel two-seater aircraft with a consumption of 6 liters per flight hour

Gaz'Aile 2 – diesel two-seater aircraft with a consumption of 6 liters per flight hour
Rudolf Diesel's creation did not immediately take root in passenger cars - it was believed that this engine was intended for heavy vehicles, tractors, and tanks. But the efficiency of the power unit, where the mixture is ignited through its compression, nevertheless attracted the attention of auto designers. However, putting such a motor in an airplane seems too much (although there have been attempts, such “airliners” have not become widespread). However, in front of you is an ultralight, which is helped to rise into the sky by a 56-horsepower diesel engine from a Peugeot passenger car. The engine looks strange on an airplane: especially the timing belt, which can break, and then... But rest assured, the aircraft is equipped with a rescue parachute system.

It's not just the engine that attracts attention - the Gaz'Aile 2 aircraft itself, made of wood and plastic, is also interesting. Its light weight and sophisticated aerodynamics led to almost record diesel fuel consumption: approximately six liters per hour. Note: the aircraft is two-seater! And the distance covered is 1700 km. It is unlikely that you will cover as many kilometers in a passenger car even with a full tank of diesel fuel. What else is interesting about this airplane? Watch the video on the “Dream to Fly” channel!


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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