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Amphibious aircraft ASK-62 - who said that Russian aviation is not developing?

Amphibious aircraft ASK-62 - who said that Russian aviation is not developing?
What kind of plane do those who work or live far from cities and the benefits of civilization need? Of course, universal. After all, they won’t build an airstrip in every village. What if you need to go to a mine, or, for example, urgently evacuate a geologist? And when the elements destroy the bridge, which was the only connecting link? Amphibious aircraft will cope better in such conditions. And not simple, but universal. This is when, in addition to floats and a boat-shaped fuselage, there is also a landing gear, preferably retractable. As for seats, 4-6 is enough. Then the technique will be compact. The ASK-62 amphibian became such an aircraft.

The model was developed by NPO Seregin LLC, also known as Seregin Aircraft. The company has existed since the early 90s and has already managed to “put on the wing” several amphibious aircraft. This is not some startup where the main goal is money. No, people who are passionate about their work work here - designers, constructors and simply real Russian craftsmen. These are capable of assembling new aircraft in conditions of financial constraints. ASK-62 turned out to be not only universal, but also beautiful. And they will talk about the plane on the Anatomy of Monsters channel. This is a promising model, in which domestic and foreign customers have already shown interest. ⁠⁠


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