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Aviation radial engines on motorcycles - it has happened and not so

Aviation radial engines on motorcycles - it has happened and not so
It is believed that motorcycles at the dawn of their appearance were simple means of transportation. In fact, they came for fun. Even at the beginning of the twentieth century, inventors tried to produce powerful models. It was only when motorcycles became widespread that cheap bikes began to be produced. But they were also dynamic, regardless of the country in which they appeared. To become faster, inventors installed different motors on two-wheeled vehicles. They also tried to adapt aircraft radial engines. Even today, customizers produce similar equipment. It amazes with its dynamics and speed characteristics.

Such models have never been widespread. No wonder - aircraft engines are expensive. A motorcycle is an affordable vehicle. Installing a motor from an airplane automatically increases the price of the bike several times. By the way, radial engines are not very suitable for two-wheeled vehicles. Even if they suddenly became cheap. Firstly, they are too massive. Secondly, the design is not designed for short-term trips. These engines were developed for aviation. And the author of the “KrasMoto” channel will tell you about the use of these power units on motorcycles.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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