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Caravanboat Departure One - luxury trailer with houseboat function

Caravanboat Departure One - luxury trailer with houseboat function
The German company Caravanboat, specializing in the production of towed vehicles that are both caravans and boats, presented its new flagship product - Caravanboat Departure One. The project was first presented in 2018, and today it is available in two different models, or more precisely, different sizes. Each of them is already offered in three trim levels.

In fact, a travel trailer that can be launched across a body of water is not a new idea. Products of this type have been around since at least the early 60s. Then humanity's interest in amphibious vehicles reached its peak. They originated in a niche at the intersection of the RV industry and the shipping sector, but never found their niche due to prohibitive prices and certain restrictions associated with operating permits.

Caravanboat Departure One — роскошный трейлер с функцией плавучего домаVacations with Departure One can be organized on any body of water. Photo: YouTube.com

“Amphibians” always suffered from this and, as a result, could not compare with their single-purpose brothers either on land or on water. But, as we see, some manufacturers did not give up the idea of ​​​​creating these original vehicles. Thanks to enthusiasts and modern technology in recent years, they seem to have overcome their main drawback. But as for the prices, let’s be honest: the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. But first things first.

What do German developers offer?

The Caravanboat is a good example of how such a towed amphibian can turn into a comfortable raft. It is a travel trailer on land and a houseboat on the water. Moreover, the presented model can be operated even at sea, unlike other similar proposals.

On the ground, Departure One is also comfortable. Photo: YouTube.com

The caravan boat is made from durable aluminum with a high quality finish so it is lightweight and durable and, just as importantly, requires virtually no maintenance. Regardless of where you plan to spend your vacation - on land or water - a family of up to six people can be accommodated here.

Departure One has a full kitchen. Photo: YouTube.com

Vacationers on the Caravanboat receive a full-fledged, although rather compact, kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet and a sink, and other elements of comfort and arrangement of life in nature.

Departure One always has great reviews. Photo: YouTube.com

Features of this floating caravan include large panoramic windows, a spacious interior and the versatility of a wide range of options.

Packages and prices

Caravanboat Departure One is available in two sizes – M and XL. Each of them has different configurations - Free, Premium or Ultimate. The first of the listed options is the cheapest and is, roughly speaking, one shell. The Ultimate version is equipped at the client's request. You can choose both finishing elements and additional options, such as a solar battery or security systems.

The model in the XL Premium configuration is 8 meters long and weighs 1800 kg (the “M” version is 7 meters). In this version, the manufacturer offers two solar panels and two lithium batteries with a capacity of 100 Ah, folding railings and the ability to choose a power plant. This is either an outboard engine with a power of 15 to 50 hp. s., or electric motor.

I woke up and can immediately cast my fishing rods. Photo: YouTube.com

Also standard, the XL Premium also includes a 70-litre petrol tank, two 160-litre fresh water tanks, and a two-cabin/bathroom layout. The kitchen has an open plan and is equipped with all necessary appliances.

The forward cabin serves as a living and dining area. The stern opens directly onto a small swim platform on which you can install an outdoor grill - at an additional cost, of course.

The maximum speed of the floating trailer on the water is 15 knots (27,8 km/h) for the XL model and 10 knots (18,5 km/h) for the M model.

In terms of price range, the Departure One M Free starts at €84, while the Departure One XL Premium starts at €000. In terms of the current exchange rate for the national currency, this will be about 114 million and 200 million rubles.


Photos used: www.youtube.com, www.caravanboat.de/

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