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Working on BelAZ dump trucks in quarries - feel like a titan

Working on BelAZ dump trucks in quarries - feel like a titan
No matter how they joke about men and big cars, many people dream of such a car. Even if deep down, sometimes you want to sit in a frame SUV and look condescendingly at small cars from above. Some kind of “jeep” is the first thing that comes to mind. And someone chooses trucks and becomes a professional driver. In this area, you can already choose cars that block the sun. The largest are mining dump trucks. For residents of the post-Soviet space, BelAZ is a common noun. This technique was popular all over the world. Quality and low price are the secrets of success. By the way, judging by the reviews of drivers who have been working on BelAZ dump trucks for decades, Soviet equipment is more reliable. On the one hand, it is structurally simpler. Although, under the USSR, Chinese components and assemblies were not used.

Modern BelAZ dump trucks operate in many Russian quarries. Now they have begun to actively buy them - Japanese and American equipment, alas, is not available to us. Yes, the latter is more expensive, but after a few years of operation it turns out to be more profitable. It rarely breaks down, which is why it brings profit. But they will tell you how to work on BelAZ dump trucks on the “this is avby” channel.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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