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How much do cars cost in China for the Chinese?

How much do cars cost in China for the Chinese?
When 20-30 years ago Chinese things and electronics were in use, everyone, by definition, got used to the fact that this was the most inexpensive product. But time passed and cars produced in the Middle Kingdom began to conquer the world market. And here - on you! Their cost sometimes turned out to be beyond the reach of the average Russian buyer. So what’s the matter and how much do Chinese-made cars that are popular in the Russian Federation cost?

Together with an automotive fan on Channel 808, we will go through Chinese car dealerships to see the local price tags. It's worth starting with the premium class. For example, Wey Lanshan in China costs 3,7 million rubles, in Russia – 5,3 million rubles. What about Western foreign cars produced at branch factories? Please: Nissan ARIYA - in China it will cost 3 million rubles, in the Russian Federation - 5,5 million rubles.

And this is not the biggest gap: the difference can reach up to 2 times or more. This applies to both Chinese and Western brands. For example, Smart in China costs 2,4 million rubles, in our country it costs 5,2 million rubles. What about the cheaper ones? For the Haval that is familiar in Russia (the H-Dog PHEV model: it hasn’t reached us yet) they are asking 1,7 million rubles. And this is for a crossover of impressive dimensions in the most expensive configuration. What else do the “average” Chinese drive and how much do they buy their cars for? Watch the video!


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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