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Reinventing the wheel again: for ponds, off-road and travel

Reinventing the wheel again: for ponds, off-road and travel
Nothing will make a true pedal bike enthusiast stop reinventing the wheel. And in this direction, the sophisticated human brain sometimes moves along the most incomprehensible paths. For example, why not ditch the wheels and put the bike on tracks? Well, or combine these two engines? This is what one inventor did, installing a huge sprocket with pedals on a bicycle. It is she who sets the tracks in motion.

The tracks are for off-road use. What can you say about the water surface? A bicycle capable of moving on a lake, pond or river “like dry land” already exists! You can see this by watching the video on the Anton Larin channel. How did you achieve this? It's simple: the bike was made as light as possible, and water skis were used instead of wheels. And it looks like a classic bike.

But travelers are also haunted by the idea of ​​an overnight bicycle. The two guys put together something appropriate. A mobile home was attached to a production bike. Hard? Yes. But if the climb is steep, one of the “crew” members pushes the hitch from behind. Here's another idea: combining car wheels with a bicycle. There's enough rubber here for decades... What other non-standard bikes do inventors offer? Watch the video!


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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