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Racer Tourist 200 is a simple and cheap motorcycle for the village

Racer Tourist 200 is a simple and cheap motorcycle for the village
The Chinese have long started making motorcycles for rural areas and supplying them to Russia. Although, it’s more likely that our businessmen got their bearings and started ordering them. In the Celestial Empire, this is easy - you can choose a model from a countless number of offers, adjust the equipment and quality. And then order a batch of motorcycles under your brand. That's what Racer does. Their Tourist model is a simple and relatively reliable device for rural areas. In Soviet times, similar “Minchiki” were made for foresters - with a raised front wing. Only here there is a 150 or 200 cm3 engine and “rice” steel, which does not differ in strength.

The Racer Tourist 200 is good just because it exists. For a beginner motorcyclist, regardless of age, it will seem ideal. Of course, provided that it will be used in rural areas. Drive to the store, to the river, to the forest - here he can handle it. The main thing is to fix minor breakdowns in a timely manner. In fact, a Japanese motorcycle that is over 30 years old will generally be more reliable. It’s just that if it breaks, you will have to search for spare parts for a long time and order them from afar. Plus their cost will not please you. And the Racer Tourist 200 has a lot in stock. Yes, you can order online without any problems. By the way, a new motorcycle costs 120 rubles. But it’s better to look for a used one - it’s already been “finished up” and will cost about 000 thousand. And the author of the “Ander Man” channel will tell you about the bike.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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