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GAZ-66 for travel – you shouldn’t make such motorhomes

GAZ-66 for travel – you shouldn’t make such motorhomes
An all-terrain motorhome is something that hunters, fishermen and travelers often dream about. As a rule, most of them make do with production cars, family ones. At best, there is an SUV for conquering nature, most often domestically produced - Niva or UAZ. As for motorhomes, they are rare in our country. There are plenty of caravan trailers, or campers. By the way, for lovers of active recreation, which includes hunting and fishing, a standard motorhome is not suitable. It is designed for asphalt roads, but in mud it will sit on the bottom. The same will happen with a trailer. Don't drag him around.

The optimal solution would be to create a motorhome based on an SUV. Preferably a truck and all-wheel drive so that there is enough space. The most budget option is to use Soviet cars as chassis. Such as GAZ-66, ZIL-131, Ural-4320. Only the first two trucks have gasoline engines with inadequate fuel consumption. If you can somehow come to terms with “Shishiga”, then the ZIL-131 will make you feel horrified. You can change the gasoline engine to a diesel one. There are already converted versions on sale. And some people order ready-made motorhomes. In such cases, they usually turn out to be expensive, but not always functional. The author of the “Caravan and Motorhome” channel will tell you about this GAZ-66.


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