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Arctic all-terrain vehicle in Russian forests

Arctic all-terrain vehicle in Russian forests
An Arctic all-terrain vehicle on pneumatic rollers, produced in the 90s, found itself in an unusual environment. The car was tested not in the snowy expanses of the North, but in an ordinary swampy forest in Central Russia. But first the car had to be “modernized”.

Enthusiasts from the Combat Crew channel decided to replace all the electrics, including partial wiring, the ignition coil, starter, generator, spark plugs and much more, with new ones. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the gearbox was not working well. They also installed a new one. Finally, the “modernized” all-terrain vehicle was launched. It turns out that driving a car has its own characteristics - this is not a passenger car! At first glance, the all-terrain vehicle seems clumsy and one gets the impression that it can barely carry itself on level ground. How will the equipment overcome rough terrain?

And so the all-terrain vehicle goes into the forest. Still, the car is wide and getting through the thicket is not so easy. The first obstacle - a puddle in a rut - is overcome on the move. But what follows is liquid mud. Here the all-terrain vehicle does not behave so confidently: this is not snow! Stuck. And how did you drive this technology in the Arctic? It is not clear how the car will drive further, through the harsh Russian swamps. However, it’s too early to criticize the cross-country ability of the all-terrain vehicle - it will still show itself: watch the video!


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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