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ZIL-41042 – limousine for the “Black Doctor”

ZIL-41042 – limousine for the “Black Doctor”
Soviet limousines were produced by only one plant - ZIL. Some believe that GAZ also assembled similar cars. But “The Seagull” is a different class. Although, there were limousines with a partition between the driver and rear passengers. But next to the ZIL, the Chaika was lost. Only the party elite and guests coming to the USSR traveled in these cars. One of the most interesting ZiL limousines is the model with the index 4104. Under the hood of this car there was a typical Big-Block V8, as the Americans would say. The volume of the power unit is 7,7 liters and the power is 315 hp. With. By the way, the ZIL-4104 turned out to be the fastest production car in the Soviet Union. It accelerated to 190 km/h.

In addition to limousines, ZIL-4104 were also produced in other versions. For example, a communication machine. Five-seater, stuffed with special equipment. Employees of the Special Purpose Garage called this model “Hedgehog”. She was all bristling with antennae, for which she received the nickname. The most interesting version was "Black Doctor". This is a medical modification, but in appearance it resembles a classic hearse. The author of the channel “Ivan Zenkevich PRO cars” will tell you about the ZIL-41042.


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