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Rail transport - from simple trolleys to high-speed trains

Rail transport - from simple trolleys to high-speed trains
Modern rail vehicles designed to transport passengers can be divided into several types. These are trams, diesel locomotives and electric locomotives. In the second half of the 50th century and until the XNUMXs of the XNUMXth century, steam locomotives were at the peak of popularity. But now they are used mainly for entertainment purposes. Although, in Russia there are enough places where such equipment is assembled. You never know, electricity will go out throughout the country. Then steam locomotives will come in handy. These are strategic reserves, similar to those in a number of large countries. But the railways, without which it is impossible to imagine the development of a huge industry, began with ordinary rails. It's hard to believe, but their prototype was invented before our era. Volok Diolk was the first railway, although there was no metal there, of course. So, carved depressions in limestone.

The first rails were made of wood. These roads were used in mines to transport carts. Mostly human power, sometimes harnessed by pack animals, to the horror of modern animal rights activists. By the way, after wooden rails, they began to use not steel, but cast iron. This happened thanks to an unusual combination of circumstances. A wealthy industrialist had a lot of cast iron in his warehouses, so he decided to make rails, for his own needs, of course. This was in the 1803th century. And the first steel railway tracks appeared in XNUMX, when this metal became cheaper. Such rails turned out to be more durable. The steam engine revolutionized the field. The car, mounted on rails, was first seen as a curiosity and a toy for the rich. But it soon became clear that the locomotive was much more powerful than several teams of even the strongest draft horses. And it’s more profitable and cheaper to use it - the car doesn’t get sick and doesn’t need expensive oats. And the author of the Anatomy of Monsters channel will tell you more about trains, trams and diesel locomotives.


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