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Have modern aircraft engines exhausted their capabilities?

Have modern aircraft engines exhausted their capabilities?
Modern aircraft engines are so advanced that the question involuntarily arises: is their further modernization possible? It seems that it would be better not to do it: after all, civil aviation has already existed for more than a hundred years (Russian “Ilya Muromets”, 1914). At the same time, commercial jet aircraft have been in operation since 1952.

Despite the complexity of a modern aircraft engine, the essence of its operation is simple. The air enters the compressor, which increases the pressure and temperature. The stream then goes into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with kerosene and ignites. As a result, the gas heated to a high temperature enters the turbine. Part of the energy received goes to spin up the compressor, the other goes to the nozzle, where thrust is created.

Advanced jet engines feature an external loop that increases air flow. It worked like this: an additional channel was made around the motor, into which the flow was pumped. Subsequently, it was ejected through the nozzle along with the exhaust gases. As a result, with the same thrust, fuel consumption decreases and efficiency increases. The next step is turbofan engines. But what's next for jet engine design? The Aviasmotr channel will tell you how the engineers are going to modernize them and what they will do.


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