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Traveling on an old Soviet motorcycle Izh "Jupiter"

Traveling on an old Soviet motorcycle Izh "Jupiter"
Traveling by motorcycle is not about convenience. But not always. If it’s a Golda from Honda, then the biker is protected from the wind and doesn’t mind the rain. But not everyone likes tourist models, and they are expensive. Not everyone can afford such a bike, even a very used one. And it is advisable to drive the Gold on roads with high-quality surfaces. Motorcycles are categorically not allowed on paths.

Many people claim that they would be happy to go on a trip, but there is no opportunity. Motorcycles are expensive, there is no time, no health... But these are excuses. If there is a desire, then there will be opportunities. Some travel on cheap used Chinese mopeds. Yes, equipment breaks down periodically. But spare parts can be found for pennies. It’s better to take problematic parts with you. And service equipment before leaving, which many people neglect. The moped is slow, but you don’t need a category “A” license and you’ll be able to see the surrounding area. If a scooter doesn’t suit a brutal man, and you don’t have enough money for a Japanese-made motorcycle, you should take a closer look at Soviet models. They are cheap and available. At the same time, remember your youth. That’s what the author of the “MOTO KOR.” channel did, going on a long-haul trip.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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