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The internal combustion engine is not yet thinking of retiring

The internal combustion engine is not yet thinking of retiring
The most popular engines in the world are internal combustion engines. Until recently, they were considered modern and perfect, but their time is coming to an end. At least in the European Union countries they are trying to legislatively make sure that the internal combustion engine is put to rest. Environmental standards are being tightened and bans are being introduced. Every driver has his own favorite engine. There are diesel fans. Such engines were especially relevant in the late 90s. If you work as a driver of a large truck, it would be a sin not to take advantage of the “free” diesel fuel. Back then, on-board computers were rare; it was possible to save fuel or attribute extra mileage.

The author of the channel “Anatomy of Monsters” will talk in the video about not quite ordinary internal combustion engines. He will start with turbocharged internal combustion engines. Not factory-made, but homemade, created with your own hands on a minimal budget. By the way, such motors are much more powerful. This is understandable - every amateur racer, and even more so a professional, assembles a motor to suit his needs. If a factory turbocharged car develops 250 hp. s., then on its basis they will make a model for 500 “horses”. At the same time, the author will touch upon rotary piston engines and engines with minimal fuel consumption.


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