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Anti-corrosion treatment: which composition is more effective?

Anti-corrosion treatment: which composition is more effective?
Today, when not everyone can afford to buy a new car, the task of extending its service life comes to the fore. And one of the main “scourges” of used cars is body corrosion. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products to combat it. But are they all as effective as the advertising claims?

Together with the host of the Denis MECHANIC channel, it’s worth understanding specific products designed to protect a vehicle from rust. On the table awaiting testing are popular compounds that can be purchased at any auto store. Conventionally, car owners can be divided into two categories in terms of combating corrosion. Some treat the new body, others only when the rust is already visible.

Therefore, we take two parts. One is new, the second is used. To compare the areas treated with anti-corrosion, we will wrap the pieces of iron with masking tape at intervals of five to seven centimeters. Now we take aerosol cans from different manufacturers and spray them on the free, unprotected areas of the parts. We leave everything for three days. Surprisingly, not all of the compounds dried out. We continue checking and sandblast the painted areas. But this is not the last test. What else will happen and which brands of anticorrosive will be the most resistant? Watch the video!


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