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Geely Preface – the sedan was “appointed” to become a youth model

Geely Preface – the sedan was “appointed” to become a youth model
The Chinese auto industry specially created the Geely Preface for a youth audience, although it is an ordinary sedan. Some things about this car worked, and some things didn't. Together with the presenter on the Club Service channel, we will try to understand this new technology for the Russian market.

As for the exterior, we can say: attractive, stylish, in step with the times. However, the first thing I want to ask is the cost. And then she’s a little stunned: 3 million 400 thousand rubles. Although, if compared with European or American, Japanese cars of a similar class, then not so much. Why was she classified as a youth “class”? The car is playful - it is equipped with a two-liter turbocharged engine producing 190 “horses”. (a 150 hp version is also available). And here there is an opportunity for tuning the engine: if desired, this value can be increased (the car is made according to Volvo architecture, like most Geely products).

And of course, young people will like low-profile tires, 18-inch wheels, plus red calipers. What else emphasizes the sporty style? Air intakes. True, they lead to nowhere: the flow does not blow on the brake pads, but simply on the front wheels. The transmission uses a robotic gearbox. What else is interesting about a pseudo-sports car from a famous Chinese manufacturer? And are there any downsides? Watch the video!


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