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Motorcycle ZiD 200 – call sign “Koba” or simply “Owl”

Motorcycle ZiD 200 – call sign “Koba” or simply “Owl”
ZiD motorcycles in the Soviet Union were better known as “Kovrovtsy” and “Voskhod”. Unlike the Minsks from the BSSR, they had powerful engines. Back in 1957, designers decided to globally modernize engines copied from German DKW. And the Minsk plant “Motovelo” chose not to spoil the tested scheme. Perhaps for this reason, the company’s two-wheeled equipment turned out to be reliable and problem-free. Although, it depends on which side you approach from. We had to deal with Voskhod and Minsk. If you properly adjust and modify the Kovrov bike, it will give odds to the “dead” MMVZ.

ZiD 200 “Owl”, which the author of the “ONE LIFE” channel will talk about, is the pinnacle of evolution. One of the latest models from the manufacturer, invented and modified in-house. Without Chinese parts and components. The first "Owl" appeared in 1993. That is, this is already a full-fledged Russian motorcycle. Later, he received a powerful 200 cm3 engine. But this did not save motorcycle production at ZiD. The engine remained two-stroke, and the model could not compete with used Japanese equipment. However, "Owl", whose name is sometimes read as "Koba", is still found on Russian roads. But this is rather exclusive and retro...


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