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New Mustang GT, Camaro SS and sheep in the trunk

New Mustang GT, Camaro SS and sheep in the trunk
Let me! What do sheep have to do with it? You can still understand the Camaro and Mustang racing in a straight line, but sheep? Especially for them, a Ford pickup truck wedges itself into the race, right between two sports sedans. In its back, two “poor sheep” “enjoy” a dynamic ride, right on a top-end all-weather mat. One can only imagine how they will react to the abrupt start!

And so it began! The roar of engines, the rubber of serial sports cars, melting, carries the car forward at an unimaginable speed. But the pickup truck with the sheep is not far behind, the gap is only two or three lengths. It’s not even entirely clear here, maybe the pickup would have “made” a Camaro with a Mustang, but the ballast in the back didn’t allow it. And after the race, the driver pulls the sheep out of the car, kicking them away from the road!

But don’t rush, defenders of the animal world, our racers are not monsters after all. Not a single sheep was harmed during the race. And instead of real animals, soft toys went towards the wind and the finish line. And sheep made of cotton wool and fabric are not afraid of any overload. But who actually won the race? Watch the video kindly provided to us by the English-language Throttle House channel.


If language differences are still an insurmountable barrier for you, use artificial intelligence. In the Yandex browser, an online translation icon will appear on the video.

Новый Mustang GT, Camaro SS и овцы в багажникеAI will allow you to watch videos in Russian. Photo: YouTube.com

Press it, and our heroes will speak the familiar Russian language. Although everything is clear here even without translation! Watch the video, it lifted our spirits, and it will lift yours too!


Photos used: youtube.com

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