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City bus MAN SL200 – these seemed the height of comfort in the 90s

City bus MAN SL200 – these seemed the height of comfort in the 90s
For a long time, Soviet reality haunted Russia and other states of the former USSR. Many wanted freedom, but did not know what to do with it. Money became worthless, businesses that fed millions gradually closed. But life continued, only paused. Public transport began to run irregularly. The parks needed updating, but the budget was limited. Sometimes it was impossible to refuel, not to mention spare parts and maintenance. And buying new buses and trolleybuses is a fantasy. I still remember how the drivers trudged along at low speeds, turning off their engines as they rolled down the hill. And also periodic breakdowns on the lines, disappointed passengers had to be dropped off...

Gradually, the situation with urban public transport began to improve. Businessmen were the first to get their bearings, purchasing buses for their routes. We chose used German equipment. In Germany they were often sold for next to nothing, and customs clearance was minimal. In our city, such buses were called commercial. They cost twice as much, and it was impossible to travel without a ticket. But the cabin was comfortable, cozy and generally unusual. The author of the channel “Ivan Zenkevich PRO Automobiles” will introduce you to one of these buses.


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