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Formula ice FR - an alternative to those that have left the Russian market

Formula ice FR - an alternative to those that have left the Russian market
It's no secret that city car enthusiasts prefer Velcro to studs. The latter are better suited for frequent movement on asphalt road surfaces. But here comes the new season. Many famous tire manufacturers that we are used to have left the Russian market. Is there an alternative to them?

Eat. And quite worthy. Formula, a subsidiary of Pirelli that deals with budget tires, is offering a new product this year. We are talking about the Formula ice FR tire. The last two letters indicate that the slope is frictional (“Velcro”). When making the tire, the manufacturer focused on its stable behavior on ice and noise reduction. The tire is available for wheels ranging from 14 to 19 inches.

The asymmetric tread pattern improves vehicle handling. Deep grooves allow air to flow quickly, which reduces tire noise when driving on asphalt at speed. Two longitudinal ribs (one larger, the outer one smaller) are responsible for the directional stability of the machine. Of interest are the lamellas (thin slits in the tread blocks), made using 3D technology: this type of groove is called “butterfly”. To improve grip on slippery roads, a specially developed plasticizer is added to the rubber mixture from which the tire is made. What conclusions should be drawn about Formula ice FR and what can be generally said about its pros and cons and suitability for use in the Russian Federation? You will learn about this from the video on the tyredom56 channel. Watch the video!


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