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The largest motorcycles in the world - it makes no sense, but it’s impressive

The largest motorcycles in the world - it makes no sense, but it’s impressive
Motorcycles are different. There are simple ones, with a volume of up to 250 cm3. This technique is for budget travel. Although, there are also specific models designed for off-road conquering. These are enduro and motocross bikes. These should be light - otherwise it will be difficult to pull them out of the mud. However, it all depends on the physical capabilities of the motorcyclist. Some can handle 1,2 cars, while others can handle a bike with a XNUMX liter engine. Moreover, heavy touring-enduros are produced and are in demand. “Goose” is a clear confirmation. On such a motorcycle, the main thing is not to fall, then the conventional “Thumbelina” will cope. Some travel on any model. I know a friend who rides a sportbike to places where they don’t risk appearing on German Geese.

And there are motorcycles with large engines. As a rule, cruisers and choppers are guilty of this. Low-end traction and a loud sound are important there so that the vibration can be felt by those around you within a radius of 10 meters. Sometimes they install car engines. Moreover, from “Mustangs” and “Corvettes”. If you think about it, this doesn’t make much sense. All the same, the same BossHoss does not accelerate faster than a liter superbike. But how does it sound! And the author of the “Mysportbike” channel will talk about large-volume motorcycles.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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