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Baojun Yep – a typical Chinese Suzuki Jimny

Baojun Yep – a typical Chinese Suzuki Jimny
There is such a Japanese SUV - Suzuki Jimny. Outwardly, he usually makes you smile. People unfamiliar with it do not see serious potential for conquering dirt in a car. So, more like a toy. “Niva” looks more brutal and serious. And the Jimnik is a typical ladies' car. But SUV lovers know that the Suzuki Jimny is actually a full-fledged “jeep”. There is a frame, four-wheel drive without newfangled clutches. A short, almost “toy-like” wheelbase is an advantage on off-road terrain. Suzuki Jimny is popular in many countries. People in Russia love him, but not everyone loves him. The machine, it should be noted, is not for everyone. It is more suitable for the most reckless trips, short ones. Although, if you move alone, in principle you can fit in and spend the night.

The Chinese are haunted by the Suzuki Jimny. Most likely not because it is distinguished by phenomenal cross-country ability, but because of its “toy” appearance. This is a ready-made city kei car, but it needs to be improved and made cheaper. For such conditions, all-wheel drive is not needed, and a gasoline engine is already bad manners for modern China. So we are making a regular kei car, but with the appearance of a Suzuki Jimny. And what happened in the end can be seen on channel “808”.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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