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The strength and power of Soviet steam locomotives - this must be seen and heard

The strength and power of Soviet steam locomotives - this must be seen and heard
It is difficult for a modern person to understand what the citizens of the Soviet Union experienced at the sight of a steam locomotive. This is especially true of the pre-war period. Personal cars then had only a few, and there was a lot to travel long distances. The country was originally considered agrarian. Only in 1925 it was decided to transform it into an industrial one. It was required to build plants and factories in different parts of the Soviet Union. Naturally, the necessary materials had to be delivered by transport. Well, when the enterprises stood on the rivers - it is possible to provide communication at the expense of steamboats. But it was necessary to build in other places. Therefore, steam locomotives became the main engine of Soviet progress.

Spewing clouds of smoke and steam - these thundering monsters frightened at first, and then only rejoiced. After all, the steam locomotive allowed you to move quickly and on a budget. And how the children loved this technique! There is something magical in it - it was not in vain that they envied the machinists and dreamed of learning this profession. By the way, there are a lot of steam locomotives left in Russia. They are considered a strategic reserve in case of a global catastrophe. If this suddenly happens, this technique will allow you to move. Wood for fuel can be harvested anywhere. Of course, this is not coal, but the locomotive will go. And the video of the soboleff 74 channel will help you enjoy the sight and sounds of this unique technique.


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