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How to quickly and reliably check the condition of the engine when buying a car

How to quickly and reliably check the condition of the engine when buying a car
Buying a used car is always a lottery. As practice shows, most Russians rely on themselves and their friends. I want to seem like an expert, inspection often takes place with a thoughtful air of a connoisseur. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the problem areas of the car in this way. Unless a real professional will inspect. Even a knowledgeable person will not identify a number of engine problems. This is what unscrupulous sellers use. There are many ways to mask the nuances - then the car will cheerfully rumble and drive. True, not for long. The main thing is that the car survives the first race with a potential client. And in a day, a week or a month, the engine may fail. The seller, if he decides to answer the call, will only laugh at the buyer. You never know what he managed to do with the car. Maybe he was racing.

Endoscopy will help to avoid such situations - an examination of the engine cylinders for wear. In the video on the channel "this is avby" you will see how the procedure works. Specialists will check the engines of Hyundai Solaris, Volkswagen Passat CC and Honda Civic. All of them are considered reliable. By the way, not only a run of 300-500 thousand kilometers, but also the destruction of the catalyst can disable the piston system.


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How do you check the engine of a car when buying?

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