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Abandoned Soviet and foreign equipment is waiting for retro lovers

Abandoned Soviet and foreign equipment is waiting for retro lovers
In front of us is a territory littered with cars of various brands and years of manufacture. Where did they come from? Everything is quite simple: on a separate site there are abandoned abandoned cars, as well as those that have exhausted their resource and are no longer needed by the owners. Another part of the car belonged to organizations that, not wanting to spend money on recycling, drove the transport here.

Before us is a "collection" of both serial and rare cars, buses: Soviet, Russian and foreign production. This is a godsend for retro lovers and car collectors: someone can and will find the missing part for their brainchild here.

According to the author of the video, there are about five thousand copies. You can even find trolleybuses and ... trams! From special vehicles - fire equipment. Welcome to the tour - the "guide" begins the review with the old "Ikarus", in which even the curtains are still hanging in place. And here is the Volga GAZ-24: some enthusiast “sticked” a GAZ-66 chassis to it, hoping to make a super all-terrain vehicle. Among the large cars, several bicycles and an ATV suddenly peep through. Fire trucks lined up in a separate row: ZILs, GAZons, as well as Fords and IFAs. If you watch the video from the Ddimkas channel to the end, you will see a lot of our and “foreign” equipment, most of which have not been produced for a long time.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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