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Introduced a new inflatable motorized GoBoat for fishing and more

Introduced a new inflatable motorized GoBoat for fishing and more
Back in 2016, the startup GoBoat introduced the original boat, which is a huge inflatable circle with one passenger seat in the center. She was conceived as the best tool for amateur fishermen who do not have the ability or desire to maintain a full-fledged boat.

The first generation personal jet ski was presented on the popular Kickstarter platform. Now the project has grown and the company has released a much improved PWC Gen 2.0. The new model is positioned as an improved watercraft that combines the best qualities of a raft, a kayak and a motorboat. At least it looks very interesting and reliable. The novelty is produced in different sizes and colors.

Представлен новый надувной моторизованный GoBoat  для рыбалки и не толькоYou will definitely enjoy relaxing on the pond with GoBoat. Photo: YouTube.com

The GoBoat 2.0 is reported to exhibit extreme stability and rigidity. This is thanks to the new patented AirCore composite construction with three separate air chambers. The round shape also increases the level of safety, allowing you to easily control the boat and maneuver in the most efficient way in case of encountering any obstacle.

If there are several such “toys” on the water at once, then nothing will prevent you from arranging an exciting game of catch-up. At the same time, the platform can be equally successfully operated in both fresh and salt water.

The design of the motorized platform consists of removable inflatable seats, which are fastened with straps to a non-slip polystyrene foam insert. Tension bandages are also provided, which can be conveniently attached to personal items, fishing or diving equipment.

There are rails with slots for accessories and convenient grip handles located at the edges for easy carrying of the platform. GoBoat weighs 25,8 kg and is easily packed into a bag for transportation, which takes up a minimum of space in the trunk of any car, at least much less than an inflatable boat. So there are no problems with transportation or storage.

GoBoat is lighter than an inflatable boat, but you can also fish standing up from it. Photo: YouTube.com

The kit also includes a five-speed electric trolling motor. It weighs 15,8 kg and provides a cruising speed of up to 8 km/h. For maximum safety, there is an automatic shut-off mechanism that is connected to the cord.
It is possible to additionally purchase two U1 batteries, which are not included in the basic package, and place them in an aluminum transom. Then the time spent on the water can be safely doubled.

GoBoat will interest not only fishermen. Photo: YouTube.com

The adult version of the GoBoat 2.0 measures 177,8cm in diameter and starts at $1076. However, the manufacturer has now launched a promotion and reduced the price to $753. The 139,7cm Mini format is now available for $478 (excluding stock $683).
In terms of our rubles, the purchase of a large and small model without a discount will cost approximately 85 and 000, respectively. It is currently unknown whether GoBoat will be available for purchase in our country. Deliveries on the domestic market will begin just at the beginning of the summer season - June 54.


Photos used: youtube.com

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