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In Russia, the production of an all-terrain vehicle based on the "Loaf" has resumed

In Russia, the production of an all-terrain vehicle based on the "Loaf" has resumed
As it became known, the production of the SKB-600 utility vehicle based on the design of the classic UAZ Farmer has resumed in Tyumen. This decision was made by the management of SKB Gazstroymashina against the backdrop of growing demand for models with similar characteristics, which the manufacturer, moreover, can offer at a more affordable and favorable price.

This versatile snow and swamp vehicle is designed to perform a wide range of different tasks. Its spacious cabin is designed for up to five people, and up to 1,1 tons of cargo can be transported in the cargo compartment.

В России возобновилось производство вездехода на базе «Буханки»There are practically no places where an all-terrain vehicle based on the UAZ "Farmer" will not pass. Photo: skbgsm.ru

The machine is equipped with 2.7 liters. gasoline engine ZMZ 409 with a capacity of 117-144 liters. With. It works in tandem with a five-speed "mechanics", with the ability to disable the front axle and downshift.

The following options are provided in the basic configuration: tire inflation system, spring suspension, reinforced frame, disc front brakes, etc. The model is supplied with wheels with a diameter of 130 cm, but it is possible to equip with tires of 135 or 145 cm.

This model of all-terrain vehicle is definitely more comfortable. Photo: skbgsm.ru

The price tag for the SKB-600 Farmer has not yet been announced. As a guide, you can cite the cost of an all-terrain vehicle based on the UAZ Hunter, which is 3,2 million rubles.


Photos used: skbgsm.ru

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