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Russian airlines demand return of their lease payments

Russian airlines demand return of their lease payments
Russian aviation companies sent a collective proposal to the Central Bank. According to him, the lease payments for foreign aircraft, accumulated in the accounts, should be returned. It turns out that domestic companies will win twice. The planes will remain with them, and the money that is not taken in rubles will be returned.

It is possible to understand foreign manufacturers on the one hand. When concluding leasing agreements, they clearly spelled out the conditions for the return of payments. Payment was to be made in foreign currency. But after the introduction of economic sanctions against Russia, the US and EU countries "froze" the assets of the Central Bank. Therefore, it was decided to carry out all payments in rubles.

Foreign aircraft manufacturers terminated leasing contracts at the request of their governments. They want an immediate settlement in foreign currency or the return of equipment. Russian companies cannot do this - such a step is simply unacceptable for many, it will lead to bankruptcy. The decision was supported by the import substitution commission.

Российские авиакомпании требуют возврата своих лизинговых платежейThe air parks need to be updated. Photo: Youtube.com

Leasing payments continue to be regularly received in rubles. For this, accounts of type “C” have been opened. Seeing that foreigners do not want to take the funds, lessors are asking the Central Bank to introduce some clear deadlines. When they expire, the money will be returned.

Representatives of the Central Bank have not yet decided what to do in this situation. They believe that the most important thing is the protection of property rights, no matter what politicians think. It is for this purpose that type “C” accounts were introduced. And if foreigners do not want to take money in rubles, this is their problem.

The issue will definitely be considered. Perhaps, it is necessary to contact representatives of foreign companies already at the government level - once again offer them to take the money. If they refuse officially, then it will be possible to think about how to proceed.

The main thing is that the flights are on schedule. Photo: Youtube.com

To follow the lead of foreign lessors is to undermine the industry of passenger and cargo air transportation. It's no secret that most of the aircraft from Russian companies of foreign production. Now we are actively reviving the aircraft industry. But the process is lengthy, it will stretch for years.

About what amounts in question, the Central Bank did not report. But the Ministry of Transport named the number of foreign aircraft leased - this is about 500 boards. Russian private companies owe $20 billion for them.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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