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Cargo motorcycle Ural "Hercules" against ATV and Ural Gear Up off-road

Cargo motorcycle Ural "Hercules" against ATV and Ural Gear Up off-road
Soviet motorcycles were not limited to two-wheeled models. In the middle and heavy classes, bikes with sidecars were produced. "Urals" and "Dnepr" in the performance of "loner" were not sold. It is not clear why - it may have been thought that they were too powerful. Or they decided that it was not appropriate for Soviet citizens to ride the same motorcycles as an honorary escort. But models with strollers were a replacement for the car. A small family was placed on them and it was possible to carry some things.

And in the USSR they produced cargo motorcycles. The most famous is the "Ant", although he is a scooter. But there were models from other manufacturers, ranging from MMVZ to IMZ. One of the rarest motorcycles of this type was the Ural Hercules. Finding it now is difficult, but possible. The model is clearly not suitable for off-road rides, but the author of the Sanya Chetodel channel nevertheless decided to test it. They chose an ATV and Ural Gear Up as rivals. If it makes no sense to compare the Hercules cargo with the first, then it will be interesting with the latter. I really want to know how the modern Ural model will behave off-road. Yes, such motorcycles are still being produced, although they cost about the same as the new Lada Granta, not in the most budget configuration.


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Motor scooter "Ant" - a simple Soviet hard workerUral "Solo" - a rare Russian single motorcycle from IMZ

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