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Kia Stinger and Carnival - the latest official greetings from Korean manufacturers

Kia Stinger and Carnival - the latest official greetings from Korean manufacturers
Cars of Korean brands in our country are very popular. No wonder, Kia and Hyundai began to actively explore the Russian market back in the 90s. During this time, several stages have been passed, ranging from distrust to recognition. Although, in terms of anti-corrosion treatment and body durability, South Korean cars lag behind European and American manufacturers. And this applies not only to budget models. The same popular Hyundai Sonata even loses to Opel of the same class. But Russian drivers have already come to terms with this, especially since the Koreans are trying, working on the design. And Kia/Hyundai always has more options than European brands for the same money.

But now South Korean manufacturers have shown their true colors - they have officially left our country. In principle, you can understand them - this is politics and business. Sales in Russia are too small to lose the EU and US markets. Namely, they threatened the Koreans with this if they continue to cooperate with our country. In the meantime, the author of the Club Service channel pleases with the remaining Kia models. This is a stylish Stinger sports sedan and a Carnival minivan. With the latter, everything is clear - this is an honest diesel Korean. But the "Stinger" makes a double impression. It seems like a luxury car, but if you look closely, budget solutions are noticeable.


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