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Off-road rally - crossovers against KrAZ

Off-road rally - crossovers against KrAZ
When it comes to cross-country off-road competitions, it has somehow become a habit: cars with cars, crossovers with crossovers, trucks with trucks. And if you try to combine these categories? On the channel "Manager Anton" we will just witness such a "symbiosis". In an open field, they will fight for the championship, except for Tundra, Range Rover, Mercedes GL, KrAZ, as well as the modest GAZon and many, many other brands.

At the first stage, it seems that there is a chaotic circling of the car around a certain point. In fact, the cars need to stretch out in a column and then go along the track one after the other. The training ground, by the way, fully corresponds to the difficult conditions of the competition: the video shows tracks from KrAZ with a depth almost to the waist.

Here they pass a deep puddle: someone desperately roars the engine, pushing the “slipper” all the way. UAZ Patriot got stuck first. KrAZ, so he didn’t “notice” at all what was under his wheels. And the "Niva" shows the miracles of cross-country ability: slowly, without gassing, it overcomes an obstacle. The UAZ-469 stage passed in the same way. Well, everyone has their own tactics! You will also learn and see how you can change a tire without a jack in the mud: the harsh conditions of the competition force the participants to resort to unexpected solutions.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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