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Russians still go to Belarus for a car - we will tell you what is the benefit

Russians still go to Belarus for a car - we will tell you what is the benefit
The old Russian proverb “Across the sea a heifer is a half, but I carry a ruble” does not work in any way with respect to Belarus. Firstly, we are not separated by water, and secondly, our countries, although they differ in legislation, are still in friendly unions, and there is no language barrier.

And this means that a trip to a neighboring country can be quite profitable if the goal is to purchase a car. But, like ours, an eye and an eye is needed in this matter. After all, you can easily buy an SUV with a mileage of 115000 km, which has undergone high-class detailing. And only at home, upon closer examination, it turns out that the mileage there is all 460 thousand (!) And one cannot dream of any “five years without repair”.

That is why it makes sense to turn to proven recruitment specialists. The autoblogger from the channel “The Fox rules” visits this country with enviable regularity to buy a car, and decided to share what, how and how much. In general, if such plans visit you, we recommend that you watch the video to the end. Elena Lisovskaya shares extremely valuable information that will definitely come in handy and help you make your trip more profitable.


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