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IFA W50 - do you remember these hard workers from the GDR?

IFA W50 - do you remember these hard workers from the GDR?
During the Soviet era, the bulk of transport was domestically produced. Imported versions were rare, but some of the models were in demand, so they were supplied in large quantities. IFA W50 is a truck produced in 60 modifications. The USSR purchased mainly dump trucks; in the period from 1966 to 1984, about 50 pieces of equipment were delivered.

Ellie, as Soviet drivers often called the car, was a real hard worker - hardy and reliable. The high-torque diesel was a big advantage. In terms of comfort, IFA was superior to ZILs and GAZs, although it was quite noisy. There were versions in standard and long bases, all-wheel drive modifications were also supplied, in which the front axle was switched on if necessary.

The truck used many technical solutions that were progressive for its time, which made it popular among drivers. They enjoyed working on this technique. In many Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries, IFA is still widely used today. We rarely meet cars, but they are, and many are operated to this day. To learn more about this interesting technique, watch the video from the Mood Studio channel, archival footage will remind you of the time when these machines were ubiquitous.


Photos used: youtube.com

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