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These abandoned cars in the forest will never rush to the rescue again.

These abandoned cars in the forest will never rush to the rescue again.
The most popular Soviet fire trucks were the ZiL. No wonder - at one time they were considered the most powerful. With the advent of MAZ and KamAZ, the relevance of Moscow trucks has not disappeared - after all, they are also passable. They chose off-road ZIL models 157/131 for conversion into fire trucks. They do not need roads, and cross-country ability is important for special services. With the advent of Ural trucks, the popularity of ZIL began to decline. But do not forget that fire trucks can stay in service longer than ordinary trucks - they are not loaded with hard work.

ZiL is good for everyone for firefighters, except for gasoline consumption. For this reason, they are trying to replace them with diesel Urals or KamAZ. Most of the Soviet trucks are listed on the balance sheet, but in fact are idle. Sooner or later, special services vehicles are decommissioned. Ever wondered where they go "in retirement"? Sometimes these cars are put up for auction. Some former firefighters purchase such vehicles for their needs. But few people know that most of the special ZiL trucks simply remain at the bases of the Ministry of Emergencies in the forests. There they gradually fall into disrepair. But these machines can still be converted. Or just take it apart for parts, and hand over everything unnecessary for scrap. The author of the channel "ZLOY KOT - Chronicles of the Forgotten" will show you the "cemetery" of fire trucks.


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