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SYCCYBA Impulse - off-road electric bike

SYCCYBA Impulse - off-road electric bike
Where only cyclists do not have to ride! Of particular interest to a certain category of users are models of fat bikes that can climb into such jungle, where not every pedestrian dares to lay a route. In this vein, the Siciba Impulse electric bike looks very interesting. Its cross-country capabilities seriously exceed ordinary models - wide tires will be taken out on sand, mud, and snow. And at the same time, it accelerates to 45 km / h, and pedaling is not necessary at all!

With twentieth cast wheels, their width is excellent for overcoming mud and snow blockages. But there are also more practical spoke wheels - they are easy to repair after impacts. So if you definitely decide to ride a bike on impassable routes, spokes will be a priority. Battery capacity can be selected, available maximum 30 Ah. Hydraulic brakes, a well-thought-out design and a geared motor will allow you to do any mind-blowing stunts on the bike. Yes, you can see it yourself. In the video on the channel "CIM Center for Individual Mobility" they will not only talk about the characteristics of the pedal apparatus, but also show an honest test drive in real conditions.


Photos used: youtube.com

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