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Mercedes S-class - bought for 250 thousand rubles and pleases on the road

Mercedes S-class - bought for 250 thousand rubles and pleases on the road
German engineers, when creating S-class Mercedes, did not think that thousands of cars would end up in Russia. We traditionally love these cars. The first and legendary was the S-class of the W140 generation. The same "six hundredth", sung in numerous anecdotes. Although, in fairness, it is worth noting that the S600 modification is rare. But it so happened that all such cars are called "six hundredth". And the owners often played along, removing modest nameplates 3,2 and 4,2. And the most impudent hung the coveted "600".

And then came the W220 generation. Quite a controversial car, not as catchy as the W140, but with features. If not for one serious minus, the old Mercedes could be considered the best sedan of its time. But the body is something. It rots, and in different places at the same time. Finding a W220 without bugs is a quest. And if the car is intact, it means it was recently repainted. Of course, you can disassemble the body, process it from the inside ... But who will do this? Moreover, it is an expensive procedure. Rare enthusiasts do this - on their own or for money. Therefore, Mercedes S-class are sold cheaply. For example, the authors of the Polygon-98 channel purchased the W220 for only 250 thousand rubles. But the car is on the move, moreover, it is able to drive even off-road - praise the air suspension.


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