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Expeditionary versions of UAZ are no longer available

Expeditionary versions of UAZ are no longer available
The production of UAZ off-road vehicles performed by "Expedition" has been discontinued. Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant no longer accepts orders for them. But do not be upset - these are temporary difficulties. At least that's what the manufacturer says.

There were no official statements from UAZ. It's just that the opportunity to place an order for the "Expedition" has disappeared from the plant's website, regardless of the model. Dealers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant said that the issue was to change the supplier of the body kit. The previous partner can no longer bring the necessary parts, so it takes time to find a new one.

The search for UAZs in the “Expedition” configuration from dealers was also not crowned with particular success. Only one "Hunter" of this type was caught - they ask for 1,66 million rubles for it.

Экспедиционные версии УАЗ теперь недоступныThe patency of the Expedition modifications is definitely higher. Photo: Youtube.com

It is worth recalling that the Expedition versions were distinguished by a bright orange color and special off-road equipment. Cars with factory tuning, on which you can immediately go on a trip, without modifications.

In addition to the bright color of the body, the cars had a large roof rack with a ladder as standard, were equipped with an additional stove, towbar and off-road tires from BF Goodrich. As for the interior, there is also the maximum configuration - with air conditioning and a touch multimedia screen.

Most likely, the main problem is the tires - they are American-made.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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