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Dongfeng DF6 is not quite a budget alternative to UAZ

Dongfeng DF6 is not quite a budget alternative to UAZ
What is good about the Russian UAZ? You can talk for a long time, painfully remembering the pros. But the cons themselves come to mind, especially for those who managed to ride both the Patrick and foreign SUVs. UAZ has an undoubted advantage - this is the cost. "Patriot" in the basic configuration can be taken for 1,7 million rubles. What else can you buy with this money? "Niva" for 1 million, but it is too compact, and it never had a frame.

What can the Chinese offer as an alternative? Previously, they had frame Great Walls, and they were assembled in our country. The price at the start of sales was pleasing - like that of UAZ. And these cars were complete copies of the Toyota 4Runner. Not in quality, of course, but constructively. And spare parts came from the "Japanese", even bodywork. And now the Dongfeng DF6 is considered the most popular and affordable SUV from China. This is a copy of the Nissan Navara, produced at the same plant. The car is declared as a simplified and cheaper version of the Japanese model. Although, the cost is not to say that the budget - in the region of 3 million rubles. And why is a Chinese SUV good and is it worth taking it instead of UAZ, the author of the Club Service channel will tell.


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