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Harley-Davidson Fat Bob - a modern interpretation of a classic

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob - a modern interpretation of a classic
Harley-Davidson brand motorcycles have always been considered classics. For the younger generation, this automatically meant that they were outdated. Indeed, "Harley" - until the end of the 90s was an "old school" motorcycle. You can compare it with the opposites of the Urals, not even BMW. The latter, although they did not abandon their "ancient" motor, but constantly modernized it, and globally. But Harley-Davidson has always been and remains iron, masculine, without this plastic "Japanese". Yes, slow, but where is the biker in a hurry? Meanwhile, sales were falling, the brand was on the brink of a financial abyss. I had to adapt, because there was already a negative example - Indian.

Since the 2000s, Harley-Davidson began to produce more modern models, while remaining a specific brand. And most importantly, American motorcycles began to ride fast and accelerate rapidly. Take Fat Bob, for example, which debuted in 2018. An almost versatile motorcycle that can do more than just straight roads. You can understand this if you look at the tires - they are with a high profile and a pattern hinting at the “travels” in the countryside. Of course, you shouldn’t specifically drive into the mud, the bike is heavy, but it will take you along the forest road. And the author of the KrasMoto channel will tell about the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 107.


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