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China's first supercar enters production line

China's first supercar enters production line
There was information that a line for the production of the Hyper SSR supercar was launched at the production facilities of the GAC Aian plant. It is also known that this completely Chinese car has already entered the pre-sale.

The design of the new car includes the use of the latest technologies, many of which are reportedly used in China's car factories for the first time. It is noted that, apparently, the assembly is carried out manually.

На конвейер зашел первый суперкар КитаяThe spoiler changes its angle as the speed increases. Photo: YouTube.com

The presented supercar certainly attracts attention with its appearance, which is due to the original and rather complex concept of “flat” design. The effect of three-dimensionality and the fullness of the sidewalls are emphasized by enlarged rims with wide tires. The dimensions of the car are as follows:

✅ length - 4538 mm
✅ width - 1988 mm
✅ height - 1238 mm

The interior of the Hyper SSR is simple and concise on the one hand, but a bit unrealistic on the other. The interior of this sports car features a 14,6-inch movable control screen, 8,8-inch LCD instrument panel, hexagonal steering wheel and paddle-type electric shift paddle.

The front panel looks futuristic. Photo: YouTube.com

As for power, this model is equipped with a full, twin-motor drive. This power plant is capable of developing a maximum power of 1225 hp. With. This allows you to demonstrate outstanding dynamic performance. The official acceleration time of the Aian supercar from 0 to 100 km/h is 1,9 seconds. This version is also equipped with R-EPS steering, R-EPS steering, SDC smart damper.

The new line is represented by a fairly wide range of colors, namely, colors such as orange, green, yellow, white, silver and blue are available.

The model is already available for pre-order and the pre-sale price of the new car has been announced. For the basic version, you will have to pay an amount equivalent to 14,3 million rubles, and for the Ultimate Track package - 18,8 million rubles. The exact delivery time is still unknown.


Photos used: youtube.com

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