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The test result of the combustion chamber of the new Russian VK-800SM engine exceeded all expectations

The test result of the combustion chamber of the new Russian VK-800SM engine exceeded all expectations
The press center of UZGA JSC announced that the next stage of testing, which took place as part of the work on the creation of the VK-800SM turboprop engine, was completed. At the laboratory stand of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors, the capabilities of the combustion chamber of the new power plant were tested.

The results of the checks confirmed the correctness of the calculations and the proposed technical solutions. The tests were carried out in two stages. At the first stage, results were collected on the smoothness of the start-up and the completeness of combustion. On the second, the ignition was checked with the definition of its boundaries at various heights.

Результат испытаний камеры сгорания нового российского двигателя  ВК-800СМ превзошел все ожиданияThis is what the test sample looks like. Photo: uwca.ru

According to the chief designer of the VK-800SM engine, Ilya Medvedev, the results of the activities carried out exceeded expectations. So, it was possible to achieve a significant increase in the altitude of the launch, in comparison with the original task. The ignition efficiency has been confirmed at altitudes up to 8 km; additional tests will be carried out already as part of the engine and taking into account the opportunities that have opened up. The design will be investigated at the maximum limit modes.

Next in line for testing is a stand-alone centrifugal compressor unit. Based on its results, the degree of fulfillment of the data corresponding to the Technical Specification of the engine will be determined.

The localization of production in the Russian Federation will only increase. Photo: YouTube.com

Close cooperation between the Ural Civil Aviation Plant and CIAM will continue. The best laboratory facilities of the Institute of Motor Engineering and powerful scientific potential supported by many years of experience open up great prospects in the field of development and certification of domestic gas turbine engines. Which, in turn, is very important for the further successful development of the Russian aviation industry, especially in terms of ensuring its strategic security.


Photos used: youtube.com, uwca.ru

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