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Motoland XT 250HS - Chinese full-fledged enduro for a modest price

Motoland XT 250HS - Chinese full-fledged enduro for a modest price
Chinese enduro motorcycles flooded the Russian market. They look stylish and modern - unlike the "ancient" Japanese models for the same price. By the way, since we touched on the cost, we are talking about an amount of about 160 rubles. Expensive, of course, but this is a new bike, and a real enduro. Still not "hard", but far from "light". And three years ago, the Motoland XT 000HS in question could be purchased for 250-90 thousand rubles. Yes, everything is getting more expensive. Or are the dealers just pissed off?

How is the Motoland XT 250HS different from other Chinese enduros? The fact that he not only looks "combat", but he is. Of course, it will not become a full-fledged "hard" without modifications. You can’t get rid of the vicious essence of “rice” metal - the steering wheel will definitely bend when it falls. But if you replace it or strengthen it, you can drive off-road happily ever after. Of course, such a motorcycle is not suitable for serious competitions. But it will help to understand whether you need it at all. After all, sometimes it happens that a person spends a lot of money on professional equipment, and then it turns out that he does not need it - the topic simply “did not go”. And the author of the Andrey Skuterets channel will talk about the Motoland XT 250HS, the best budget Chinese enduro with a hint of cross-country operation.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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