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GAZ-53 can also be a "rogue" or a harsh life in the outback

GAZ-53 can also be a "rogue" or a harsh life in the outback
Soviet trucks still operate in Russia, usually in rural areas. Their main advantage is the low price of medium-tonnage gasoline GAZ and ZIL. You can buy them for 100-150 thousand rubles. Yes, there fuel consumption, of course, is not the most humane, but it is suitable for rare trips. Beginners are interested in what is better to take to the private sector - GAZ or ZIL. Here you need to proceed from the needs. A truck from the Gorky Automobile Plant is more economical. ZIL is able to carry more, but its consumption is not the most pleasant. It is also worth recalling that the production of ZMZ V8 engines has recently resumed. This means that GAZ should not have problems with spare parts. But ZIL has been ruined for a long time - there are no new details. If only from old stocks.

It cannot be said that the GAZ-53 is a full-fledged SUV, but its cross-country ability is not bad. This technique makes its way to remote villages in almost any weather. And if you put a GAZ-66 gearbox in the rear axle, there will be no barriers for the truck. Of course, this does not mean that you can specifically climb into the very dirt, but it should be enough for work. And how it looks in practice, you will see in the video of the Zhili-Byli channel. Ordinary Russian men go for firewood in the winter on a GAZ-53, and he copes with it.


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