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Old Ford F350 from the 90s - this is how a farmer's truck should be

Old Ford F350 from the 90s - this is how a farmer's truck should be
Pickup trucks are not very popular in Russia. It so happened historically that until the 90s, trucks did not fall into private hands. And state-owned enterprises did not particularly need light vehicles. Of course, in the countryside, they would be happy to buy trucks. But they didn’t sell them, and Gazelles appeared in the mid-90s. Pickups in the countryside also did not take root. They are too expensive and exotic for a country where collective farms were falling apart, selling equipment for a penny. So GAZ and ZIL medium-tonnage ones work in farms. "Gazelles" are also popular, but not particularly - there is not enough cross-country ability.

And pickups are mostly Japanese and domestic. Fortunately, UAZ has begun to produce such vehicles in recent years. The car should fall in love with the villagers, but there are a couple of nuances. Expensive pickups are too for the village. Yes, and an open body in our realities is a great temptation for people who are dishonest. So rich directors of construction companies, hunters and just off-road lovers drive pickup trucks. But in the US, such cars are in first place in sales. And pickup trucks have been popular since the late 40s. The Ford F-series generally holds the lead. Why is a big American pickup truck so good? The author of the channel "Ivan Zenkevich PRO cars" will tell you about this.


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