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Almost no one saw this Czech motorcycle in the USSR "live" - ​​Jawa Bizon

Almost no one saw this Czech motorcycle in the USSR "live" - ​​Jawa Bizon
Motorcycles of the Java brand were loved and respected in the Soviet Union. They were the best. No wonder motorcycle travelers rode them across the expanses of the USSR. Czech models were considered the most reliable. Now, in comparison with Japanese technology, they are “fragile”. And in Soviet times, these bikes were better than their main competitor - the Izh Jupiter models. It seems that Soviet motorcyclists knew all the Jawas, starting with the Typ 360, also known as the "Old Lady" for those whose youth fell on the 80s. The manufacturer had another interesting model, which was not destined to become popular.

Talk about Jawa Bizon. It was introduced in the form of prototypes in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Motorcycles were supposed to replace the beautiful, harmonious and stylish "Old Woman", which was called "Cream", "Pike", and in the performance of 250 cm3 and "Chekushka". The motorcycle was named Bison for its strange design with a tank resembling an animal's hump. In general, in appearance, the enthusiasm of designers for the theme of robots is visible. They were depicted as square in the late 60s. Design is not the most important thing. The motorcycles also received spinal frames made of complex elements. Unfortunately, the main buyer of Java, and this is the USSR, did not appreciate the model. Not only was it strange in appearance, but because of the new frame, the cost increased greatly. Therefore, the manufacturer produced only 4-5 thousand motorcycles from 1970 to 1972. And the author of the KrasMoto channel will tell about the model.


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