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Car junkyard in the USA - here you can make money

Car junkyard in the USA - here you can make money
There are car dumps in every country. Cars that are not suitable for further operation are sent there. But there are nuances. Only a burned-out car will end up in a Cuban landfill. After all, you can restore or use as a donor. In Russia and the countries of the former USSR, as a rule, Soviet cars end up in a landfill. More precisely, the bodies from which they have already managed to remove the valuable and sell. Even from the "Moskvich" and "Zaporozhets" engines and gearboxes will be carefully removed. By the way, do not think that a car dump is a place where unnecessary cars are taken. If not guarded, then there would have been enterprising people for a long time. Don't believe? Leave the old wing from the car at the entrance - in half an hour it will be far away.

The most interesting car yards in the US are a paradise for used parts dealers. After watching the video of the Cars in Minds channel, you will understand that this is so. Here it will be possible to assemble a couple of cars in a day, if you bring a simple set of tools. And how much can you unscrew and sell! Of course, you will have to pay the owner of the car dump, but they take it inexpensively. Any car here costs 200-300 dollars, and it doesn't matter if it is dismantled or intact. The price depends on the weight of the car, and spare parts are also sold. And our drivers can let a mean man's tear, looking at this wealth.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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