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Soviet four-wheel drive trucks against a snowy mountain

Soviet four-wheel drive trucks against a snowy mountain
Soviet trucks are famous for their high cross-country ability. The most popular of them are GAZ-66, ZIL-131 and Ural-4320. The latter is considered the best. Nothing strange - it is more modern, refined, and most importantly, equipped with a powerful diesel engine. The only serious drawback of the Ural is the cost. As a rule, even an old Soviet-made car is 2-3 times more expensive than ZIL-131 and GAZ-66. But diesel is more economical and more powerful than gasoline power units of other applicants.

Despite all of the above, Russian drivers cannot agree on which of the three trucks is better. Although, it is not worth comparing ZIL and Ural with Shishiga - these are cars of different classes and purposes. As for drivers arguing about the level of patency of vehicles, they can also be understood. Everyone praises what they had a chance to ride in the army or at work. And only those who managed to master all the popular Soviet trucks know that the best Ural-4320. But there is a caveat - experience is needed. Without it, even an all-terrain vehicle will get stuck in the nearest puddle. A vivid example of this is the video of the OFFROADER channel. Three Soviet all-wheel drive trucks are storming a snowy hill in it. I'm not sure that these drivers do not know how to properly operate such equipment. Although that seems to be the case.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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The best Russian off-road truck - GAZ, ZIL or Ural?Ural-4320 is the best Russian truck