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When will the "regional" TRVS-44 be ready

When will the "regional" TRVS-44 be ready
In March last year, an inconspicuous event took place: at a regular meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, dedicated to import substitution in the aircraft industry, a competition was held to choose a name for an aircraft with a design index TVRS-44. The future aircraft was given the name "Ladoga". This is a small regional turboprop designed to replace the An-24 and An-26. What is interesting in TVRS-44? But first you need to figure out where he came from, who is doing it and why.


It stands for "Ural Civil Aviation Plant". After the collapse of the Union in the 90s, the enterprise fell into decay. However, closer to the 2010s, it gradually “rehabilitated”. Apparently, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company played an important role here. It was she who bought Aircraft Industries in 2013, the same Czech company that once produced the L-410, and later its modification L-610. The Russian UMMC became the official owner of the documentation and the rights to produce aircraft.

Когда будет готов «региональник» ТРВС-44L-610, on the basis of which the TVRS-44 is being built. Photo: YouTube.com

The result in 2019 was the launch of a project to develop a multi-purpose aircraft, which was recently named Ladoga. The new aircraft was created on the basis of the L-410 and L-610. However, in fact, it turned out to be a completely new car, in which Russian components were used for 100%.

Operational features TVRS-44

The main one is the ability to take off and land on unequipped airfields with unpaved runways. Someone will say that the Il-114, as the manufacturer stated, can also be used outside the concrete runways.

IL-114-300 is poorly adapted to unpaved runways. Photo: YouTube.com

Yes, this is true, but there is a whole "bunch" of reservations related to the bearing capacity of the soil, its hardness, density, etc. About this, "Ladoga" is less "scrupulous". Technical data TVRS-44:

✅ wingspan, length, height - 26, 22,83 and 8,32 m
✅ empty weight - 17 tons
✅ permissible commercial load - 5 tons
✅ power plant (power) - 4800 hp With.
✅ average and highest speed - 460 and 480 km / h
✅ ceiling and range with a full load - 7,2 and 1200 km

In the "economy" version, the car can accommodate up to 44 passengers. To reduce the certification time, the aircraft used parts from other aircraft. For example, the main landing gear was borrowed from the An-72, the auxiliary engine from the L-610, and the seats were borrowed from the An-140.

Technical Highlights

If we compare the TVRS-44 with the Czech L-610, then the new product got wings (more precisely, their type) and a partially aerodynamic layout from it. The fuselage, nose and tail, elements of mechanization and much more have become different. As for the power plant, the only option here is TV7-117, however, controversial.

At the moment, the UEC "Klimov", according to the terms of reference, is creating an engine that will be installed on the "Ladoga" - TV7-117ST-02. A prototype is planned to be ready for testing by the middle of 2023.

The modernization of the unit is difficult, but there is simply no other suitable motor in the Russian Federation. There are VK-650 and 800, but they do not develop sufficient power, VK-1500 is not ready. But there is still time: Ladoga, unlike the MS-21, Il-114 and the new SSJ, should fly only in 2024-25. And mass production will begin only by 2027.

Competitors and results

Oddly enough, but there are actually none in this niche, very few. At the same time, most of them - An-24, EMB-120 or DO-328 have not left the assembly line for a long time. The real competitor is the ATR-42. However, its cost is 20 million dollars, while Ladoga is expected to cost 13 million greenbacks.

One of the closest competitors of TVRS-44 is ATR-42. Photo: YouTube.com

If, for obvious reasons, the EU is excluded from importers, for African and Asian countries this is a rather advantageous offer. However, there is not yet an aircraft or even an engine for it. Yes, everything is being developed, prepared, but will they finish the job? That is the question…


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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